• What is Blackswan e-class?

Blackswan e-class is an innovative Online Educational Material Sharing Portal for the teachers of elt, available in Turkish & English Language and accessible from anywhere in the world.

Supporting activities.
Interactive Whiteboard software
Downloadable audio.
Documentary and videos.

• What Syllabus does it cover?

It has the entire syllabus of the books from the Blackswan catalog.

• Does it cover the entire textbook chapters?

Yes, it covers the entire matter of the textbook all the chapters on the subject. For example- Premium English Coursebook A1 has jobs, chores, places, animals etc.

•  How to register on your site? 

To register, follow the below steps:
1. Log on to http://www.blackswaneclass.com

2.Click on Register now at the top of the page and register yourself.
3.Go to books.
4.You can start using the extra materials.

• Is there support provided by the company after purchase?

Yes, there is full support by our technical team for any kind of query during use and quick teacher problem solving is done.

• We are two (or more) siblings or friends, trying to register through one e-mail ID? Why are we not able to register?

blackswaneclass uses your username and e-mail ID as a unique field in its database, which cannot be used by any other user or subscriber. You must use separate e-mail IDs and register, separately.

• I am unable to login using my password. Can I change my password?

Make sure you sign-out your account every time after viewing your contents to avoid any security errors. Yes, click on the ‘Forgot my username/ password’ option on your Dashboard page, and receive your username/ password on the e-mail ID provided by you at the time of registration.

• Why am I not able to view content properly on my browser?

We recommend you to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser to view content without any errors.

• How can I download my book packages?

Just click on books on the top of the page, select your book, select your topic, then; you are ready to download extra materials for your book.